VAT Optimization

As a result of the continuing decline in corporate income tax rates, many countries are facing budget gaps and are seeking for budgetary compensation. Levying indirect Taxes, which basically is ‘taxing transactions rather than profit’ by some governments is considered to be the budget gap-closing solution. In brief: Corporate Income Tax rate trends are going down whereas Value Added Tax rate trends are going up.

At the same time, VAT Gaps, i.e. the difference between budgetted VAT income and realized VAT income in many countries are material.

C-level professionals that do understand that these circumstances are increasing the likelihood for (x-border) VAT audits by European Tax administrations, are looking for comfort and assurance.

3angles offers (VAT) audit-, risk assessment-, and compliance services by in-depth scrutiny of your transactional data records thus providing peace of mind to Finance and Tax functions(1), increased VAT audit readiness levels(2), VAT costs optimization(3) and reduction of VAT risk profiles(4)

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The financial impact of indirect taxes is overlooked by many. Senior management that does understand, will enhance competitiveness, increase profitability and shareholders value.

We as 3angles have the knowledge and experience to collect and analyse your data, solely with the intention of identifying hidden tax assets and turning this into income.