Information Security & Quality Assurance

Information security

Information security is important for every company. Information is an asset and its security and protection deserve attention. The ISO 27001 standard is an international standard framework for information security. ISO 27001 can be used to set up information security.But information security must have added value. We help you find the balance based on risk analysis. The organization becomes more manageable and by complying with better guarantees you become more interesting for new customers.Contact us for a free brainstorming session.


Quality Assurance

Monitoring of (interim) results is a necessity to guarantee the quality of the delivery. We deliver Quality Assurance (QA). We closely follow your projects and inform you about risks that may threaten the goals. Adjustment is then still possible. Organizations are constantly subject to change and only organizations that manage their change are successful. Our approach therefore begins with a thorough analysis of the project environment and project complexity. We estimate the greatest risks for this specific project. Our efforts will focus primarily on this. This way we spend our time effectively and efficiently. We translate our findings into practical recommendations for improvement. Due to the issues of the day, the focus on the goals can sometimes be lost, and as an independent consultant we help you to avoid that pitfall. If you also have a complex change pile up, for example the implementation of a new IT system, please contact us without obligation.