An update of the Cloud Control Matrix was published in 2021 and a revised ISO 27001 was published in 2022. But frameworks such as SOC 2 and COBIT have also been revised in recent years to keep up with recent developments in the field of IT.

However, IT General Controls seem to have barely changed over the past decade. Is it possible that risk factors for financial reporting have barely changed within the data lifecycle?

Jouke Albeda has written an article about this, published by the ISACA Journal.


In the past 6 months, four new associates have joined us: (1) Shaeef Bansi had a career as an IT auditor at PwC and EY, (2) Nigel Monpellier has worked as an IT auditor at EY, (3) Bas van der Linden is Lead Auditor ISO 27001 and (4) Leo Benschop is both IT auditor and Lead Auditor ISO 27001.

We are happy to welcome the gentlemen to our ranks wish them challenging assignments, fine cooperation and good luck at 3angles!


De afgelopen 6 maanden hebben vier nieuwe associates zich bij ons aangesloten: (1) Shaeef Bansi heeft zijn carrière als IT-auditor bij onder andere PwC en EY gevolgd (2) Nigel Monpellier heeft als IT-auditor onder meer bij EY gewerkt (3) Bas van der Linden is Lead Auditor ISO 27001 en (4) Leo Benschop is IT-auditor en Lead Auditor ISO 27001.

Wij zijn blij de heren in onze gelederen te mogen verwelkomen en wensen hen mooie opdrachten en veel succes bij 3angles toe!